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About Brookmont Farm Market

The Brookmont Farm Market is a festival that takes place every Wednesday afternoon, on the village green in the small Bethesda neighborhood of Brookmont, MD.

What began with a single baker and one small produce truck in 2018, has grown into a year-round celebration of food and community. Over 40 farmers, chefs, bakers, food trucks, artisans, and specialty vendors attend our market every week!


Visiting the Brookmont Farm Market is an immersion in joy: fresh, local, and international food; live music; food trucks; a campfire and picnic area; scrupulous COVID-safe practices; and the happy vibe of families gathering in the community every week.

Our vendors have come together from our nearby farms - and from all over the world - to share their foods and cultures with us. Many of our most popular products originate from businesses owned by women, veterans, and immigrants.


In order to share more of these wonderful products with you, the Brookmont Farm Market charges NO fees to our vendors. We want our vendors to keep ALL of their revenues, without adding market costs to their overhead.


Our market managers are all volunteers. Our neighbors donate resources to run the market, such as electricity, lighting, firewood, mowing, licensure, publicity, and web design. 100% of the profits go to the farmers and vendors.

Throughout the Covid-19 epidemic, Brookmont Market has remained a reliable purveyor of fresh food, bringing farms, chefs, bakers, and food trucks directly to the community, while enforcing strict Covid-19 safety protocols.


When many neighbors have felt unsafe shopping indoors or visiting grocery stores, our outdoor market has provided a reliable weekly food source, as well as a dependable income for vendors.

Children are encouraged to attend the market to experience where our food comes from, who makes it, and who brings it to us.

The Brookmont Farm Market has created magic in our neighborhood. Please join us every Wednesday from 3 to 7:00 PM!




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