Market Products

We are committed to providing healthy products that are environmentally friends, humane, and sustainably produced.  Many of our vendors are organic and all are local.​

As a year-around market our products and prices are subject to change depending on the season and availability of items.  Please reference weekly emails for current vendors, pricing and season specials.  If there is something you are looking for please contact Jane at

*Pre-Orders encouraged for safe, socially-distanced pick up.*

Orders are accepted up to Monday noon for at that week's Wednesday market.  Orders will be bagged and ready for pick up from 3-7pm.

Sample Summer Specials

(Sometimes varies, contact Jane Callen for questions)

Food Truck: Crepes Parfait – Wednesday dinner!


Catfish, Chesapeake Bay shrimp, scallops, softshells (great with Manor Hill’s brew) ~ Cold Country Salmon


Fresh homemade yogurt, stuffed grape leaves, tabouleh & homemade pita chips  – Delicious Mediterranean dishes-to-go from Chef Ozzy


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms ~ King mushrooms (with Thornton's zukes - so good)


Iced Apple Cinnamon Whiskey – Twin River Distillery (also Hibiscus Liquor, margarita mix, other local spirits)


Pink Butterfly/Blue Turtle Kid’s Yoga Mat – Simon Says Yoga


Steamed chicken in ginger – Chefs and Foodies is expanding their fresh (not frozen) options, separating out rice/noodles, lowering most meal prices to less than $10! Also sweet and sour pork, lotus roots…


Pilsner-vescent!  ~ Manor Hill Brewing’s Pilsner - so refreshing. Also non-alcoholic flavored seltzers, only $4/6!


Lemon-infused Olive Oil ~ Dimitri Olive Oil (plus garlic-stuffed and oven-roasted olives)


Sweet Lavendar Soap made from olive oil & goats milk ~ Cheese Goattees


Hand-made Cloth masks - Available from Thornton River for $7


Hand Sanitizer - Available from Twin Valley Distillery


Rainier Cherries – (plus dairy, meat, so much more) from Thornton River


Fudge & Fresh Chevre – from CheeseGoatees (plus fudge and low-lactose cheesecake)


Cheesy Popeye Bread! – from Great Harvest (plus GF options by preorder only)


Off this week: Pork Stork, Suggested alternatives: Ratlin Farms! They have pork as well as chicken and beef!


Preordering is encouraged to lessen time spent at the market.  ORDERS CAN BE submitted HERE. * Please submit them by 12pm Monday.*



Summer Menu



Our vendor line up varies weekly, please see the pre-order form to see who you can order from this week. Thanks!!

CHEESE GOATEES “Promote the goat” 

Cheesecake – large slice (8 oz) $9


Soft Cheese Flavors

$10 each:

-       Plain Chevre

-       Garlic & Chive

-       Tomato Basil

-       Cranberry

-       Cracked Pepper

-       Gyro



Range from $8 - 10 each


Feta in Brine 8oz

$10 ea



Range from $8- $15 each



Large slices (7-8 oz) $9


Maple Syrup

1000ml - $22

500ml - $14

250ml - $9

100ml - $6


Maple Cream

8oz - $10


Goat Milk Fudge

Peanut Butter or Chocolate

$7.50 each


Goat’s Milk Soaps

Different Scents:

$5 each:

-       Original

-       Sandalwood

-       Twilight Woods

-       Lavender

-       Lemon Drop

-       Honey Oatmeal

-       Japanese Cherry Blossom




Steamed Chicken in Ginger/green onion sauce (half chicken per order)  $14/ea.

Chicken fried rice or chicken fried noodles (some call it lo mein).  $12/each.

Sweet sour pork or chicken with pineapple.  $14

Yummy, healthy Vegetarian Salad (or light meal):

Lotus root in sweet vinegar sauce. (very popular dish in Chinese families) $9.

Sir fried string beans in yummy bean sauce. $9.

Shanghainese Iconic Wood ear mushroom with wheat bread in sweet vinegar sauce.  $9

Pork fried rice $12

Steamed Chicken in “Amazing Sauce” $14/half chicken



Everything now under $10, rice/noodles now packaged separately:

Spicy Garlic Pork

Roast Pork

Chairman Pork

Ultimate Beef

Sweet Curry Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken

Ma Po Tofu (Vegetarian)

Fried Rice Hong Kong

Cashew Chicken

Minced Pork Eggplant

Fried Rice Aqua

Braised Pork Onion


SOUP $5/16 oz cup

Pork Mushroom

Westlake Beef

Hot and Sour

Chicken Corn Egg drop



Soup Dumpling Pork

Siu Mai Chicken

Dumpling Pork


Chicken with lemongrass




Bay specials (GREAT w/ Dimitri’s rosemary olive oil, Great Harvest’s Dakota Bread w/ Cheese Goatee’s garlic chevre, and Manor Hill’s Pilsner):


Catfish $14.5/lb (frozen)

Shrimp $18/lb (frozen)

Scallops $28/lb (frozen)

Oysters!!! Fresh $18/dozen

Softshell Crabs $12.40/2

Lemon Garlic Aoli - $8

Salmon Spread - 12.50 (spread on Ozzy’s home-made chips & Twin Valley’s Sangria)

Ground Salmon 15/lb

Salmon Burgers 15/pckg

Halibut 32/lb

Sable Fish (Black Cod ) 34/lb

Pink Salmon 13.99/lb

Sockeye Salmon 18/lb

King Salmon 39.99/lb

Smoked Salmon 36/lb

Spot Prawns 32/lb 

Canned Kodiak Sockeye 8.75

Pacific Cod $18.50



CREPES PARFAIT (GF available upon request)

Savory  - $8.99 ea

-Ham & Gruyere

-Chicken & Mozarella



Sweet –$6.99 each

-Nutella & Banana

-Lemon & Butter

-Orange & Cinnamon



Olive Oil:

250ml- $12

500ml- $18

750ml- $25

1 Liter- $30

Half Gallon- $45


Infusions- $20

(Garlic, Lemon, Rosemary, Lime Basil, Oregano, and Chili)


Roasted Shallot Truffle- $25


Balsamic Vinegar- $25

(Red Grape, White Grape, Vanilla Fig, Mango White Grape, and Peach White Grape)



All olives will only be pre-packed in 8oz containers- $7

-Green olive stuffed with garlic

-Greek country mix

-Orange zest pitted Kalamata

-Whole Kalamata


-Lemon Green 

-Green olive stuffed with pepperoncini 


Tapenade- $8

-Roasted garlic

-garlic caper

-spicy pepper




Classic Falafel Wrap $8

Sweet and Spicy Harissa Falafel Wrap $8

Hummus $6

Grilled Lamb Gyro Sandwich $8

Grilled Chicken Gyro Sandwich $8

Chicken Shawarma Wrap $8

Harissa Lamb Wrap $8


Platters (served over rice w/ side salads):

Hummus & Falafel $9 with side salad & pita

Grilled Lamb Gyro Platter $10

Grilled Chicken Gyro Platter $10

Chicken Shawarma Platter $10

Lamb, Chicken, or Falafel over Salad $9




Boneless Breast $10..99/lb

Bon-in Thigh $6.25/lb

Legs $5.50/lb

Wing $4.99/lb

Livers $3.50/lb

Necks $3.50/lb


Pork Sausage: $8..25/lb


Sweet Italian

Horseradish Dill

Simply Pork

Spinach & Feta

Beer Brat

Grandpa’s Chorizo



Boston Butt $8.25/lb

Belly $8.99/lb



Rib Eye $21.99/lb

Sirloin Steak $15.99/lb



(Everything is handmade from scratch, including the dog bones.)


-Rosemary Parmesan Garlic-$9

-Red White & Blueberry Swirl $10

-Popeye -$9 (Cheese bread-Parmesan, Red Bell Pepper & Spinach)

-Honey Whole Wheat $7

-Old Fashion White $7

-Dakota $8

-Superfood Bread-$8

-Cranberry Orange -$8

-Challah -$8

-Cinnamon Chip Challah -$9

-Cinnamon Blast-$10

-Gluten Free - preorder only Brown Rice & Quinoa $10

-Gluten Free – preorder only Brown Rice & Quinoa W/Cinnamon Chips $10


-NEW: Apricot Almond $10

-Pumpkin Spice $9

-Pumpkin Choc. Chip $10

-Blueberry Lemon $10


1/4lb Cookie - $2ea, 6pk-$11

-Toll House Choc. Chip

-Toll House Choc Chip Walnut

-Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin (whole wheat)

-Choc. Chip Oatmeal (whole wheat)

-Ginger Bop



-Raspberry Scone

-Cinnamon Chip Scone

-Blueberry White Choc. Chip Scone


DOG BONES -$1ea or $5 for 6pk

COFFEE (Tal’s coffee via Great Harvest)

-Coffee Flower Tea  $10 ($1 off 2 bags)

-Hibiscus Tea  $12 ($1 off 2 bags)
-12oz Coffee Bag  $18 ($1 off 2 bags)
-2.5 lbs Coffee Bag  $47
-5 lbs Coffee Bag  $90

-6 oz. Coffee Flower Harvest Honey  $13 (buy 2 save $1) - while supply last  


Fresh Eggs by the half dozen:

Extra large: $2.25

Large: $2.00

Medium $1.75

Small $1.50


Natural Loofahs – 3/$5


Available varieties: cremini, portobello, shiitake, lions mane, king trumpet, and maitake. 


Prices run from $2..50 to $7/half pound.


Hungarian mushroom soup $6/pint  or $11/quart (with cream and vegan options)


Marinated mushrooms $6/pint or $11/quart.


** All Manor Hill items are available for PRE ORDER on our website. When ordering online please specify ‘Brookmont Farm Market’ in the notes at checkout **

Below are some of our most popular items, however there are additional items available for purchase via our website. For pre-orders, payment is taken via our secure website when you place your order.  Thank you!


6 pack - $12

Case - $40


Pilsner -

Our take on a classic German Pilsner was created using corn grown on our very own farm. Leaf Saaz, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Triple Pearl hops provide a distinct German grassiness that is followed by a touch of grain, citrus and a clean finish.


Manor Hill IPA -

This aroma forward IPA showcases the versatile Mosaic hop. Tropical fruit, berry and citrus aromas completely dominate the nose. Simcoe and Mandarina Bavaria hops combine to round out the hop bill and display a firm hoppy backbone that is accompanied by Vienna, Flaked Oats and Pale malts for balance. A heavy dose of Mosaic in the dry hopping provides you with a juicy hop punch that finishes slightly dry.


Grisette -

The Grisette is an old working class Belgian Farmhouse style that is typically brewed with wheat. This take on the classic style is a very light and sessionable farmhouse ale with subtle hop flavor. A fluffy white head crowns this straw colored brew. Aromas of tropical fruit and lemongrass come through on the nose. Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops combine to provide lots of juicy citrus fruit followed by a very dry finish.


Amber -

This was created to bring the world of English Mild Ales together with American Ambers. We use 9 different types of malt together to provide you with a unique experience while still maintaining a nice balance of flavors. The result is a copper colored brew with a big white head. Aromas of caramel malt complexity and light berries come through on the nose. The flavor profile is incredibly smooth, with more caramel, along with a touch of biscuit followed by a clean finish.


Hayes Creek -

This incredibly aromatic and refreshing warm weather seasonal is brewed with Tangerine peel! It will pour a golden body crowned by a pillowy white head. A slightly tart first sip is complemented nicely by sweet citrus fruit flavors and a mild bready backbone in the finish. It is best enjoyed directly out of a can among friends and sunshine.


Sparkling water - Tangerine or Lime

12 oz cans of delicious non- alcoholic sparkling water. Using only water from our farm’s well in Ellicott City, Maryland and some natural flavoring, Manor Hill Sparkling is a non-alcoholic, all natural, zero calorie, sparkling water you can enjoy year-round!


6 pack $4

Case $14


Manor Hill trucker hats - $20


Manor Hill can glasses - $5



[V: Vegan/ Vg: Vegetarian]

Family Style Menu :


-Lentil Balls : $20 V.

-Stuffed Grape Leaves :$24 V.

-Orzo Rice $20 Vg.

-Turmeric Chicken Shish w/Orzo rice: $65

-Tabouleh Salad :$20. V.

-Couscous Salad :$20 Vg.


Ozz POĞAÇAS ($5 each)


Turkish Style Pastry with :

-Turmeric Chicken *Brookmont Market Fav :)

-Feta Parsley Vg.

Turkish Boreks : ($8 each ;$15 for 2)

-Spinach Rose Borek Vg.

-Potato Rose Borek Vg.


Single Orders : 

-Grilled Hellim Cheese with Walnut Topping :$8 Vg. 

-Hummus :$6 V.

-Turmeric Hummus:$6 V.

-Home made Pita Chips :$5 V.

-Lentil Balls :$10 V.

-Chickpea Salad :$7 V.

-Tabouleh Salad :$7 V.

-Piyaz (Bean Salad):$8 V.

-İmam Bayıldı :$12 V. (Stuffed baby eggplant )

-Stuffed Grape Leaves : $8 V.

-Couscous Salad:$8 Vg.

-CACIK (Yogurt sauce with mint,garlic,cucumber,fresh dill) :$8 16oz. Vg.

-Organic Plain Yoghurt : $7 16oz. Vg.

-Home-made Organic Plain Yoghurt :$12 32oz. Vg.

-Turmeric Chicken Shish w/orzo rice:$15

-Roasted Ginger Lemon Salmon over Sauté Spinach with pine nuts:$18

-Pistachio Baklava :$8 Vg. 

-Jumbo Dates : $5 Vg.


Everything you need to establish your home practice – see equipment below. Also hand weights…


Rupen’s Indian Curry Sauces $10

Saag- Spinach

Tikka Masala-Hot creamyTomatoCurry

Makhani- butter Creamy Curry

Tandoori- marinade

Korma - creamy coconut curry

Masala- tomato ginger garlic

Vindaloo - Garlic/Vinegar Curry-Very Spicy!


Local organic Tea  $10

NEW! - Coconut Almond

NEW! – Wellness Tea (organic ginger, cinnamon, echinacea, hibiscus, lemongrass)

Chamomile Lavender-No Caffeine

Green Tea

Cinnamon Chai- No Caffeine

Ginger Lemon

Turmeric Ginger


Caulfield Hot Sauces


Szechuan Style

Smokey Red Pepper Chipotle

Minty jalapeno Tomatillo


Spicy Red Pepper Cocoa and Coffee

Fiery Habanero

Ginger Peach


Jan's Jams - $7

Spice Pear/Orange Marmalade/Orange Ginger

Blueberry/Blueberry Lemon/Blueberry Pie

THEY’RE BACK!! - Strawberry/Raspberry


Mexican Style Blankets

Used Blankets



Yoga Blocks –

Foam  New - 4 OR 5" -$12 each Various Colors

Used - $5 – Purple Only


Cork Yoga Blocks

New 3 or 4" $16 each

Used - $6


Bolsters – Used – Large - $35

Yoga Mats 

Standard - $24

Various colors-contact Shauna for details

Kids - $26
Pink w/Butterflies / Blue w/Turtles


Weights -$4 each
1 & 2 lbs



Used - $5 New $10


Used Pilates Props

Magic Circle - $25 / Foam Roller -different densities- $25 / Squishy Ball $10

Used $4 New $6
Loops Used $4 New $6


Water Bottles – HydroFlask

Different Sizes and Colors – 20% off


30 + Live Stream classes being offered Each week-Live Stream

New Students - 3 classes for $29

1 Month Unlimited Live Stream Pass $145



Or call Shauna

240-505-5448  // 240-535-5526



Hibiscus Tea  $12 ($1 off 2 bags)
12oz Coffee Bag  $18 ($1 off 2 bags)
2.5 lbs Coffee Bag  $47
5 lbs Coffee Bag  $90

6 oz. Coffee Flower Harvest Honey  $13 (buy 2 save $1) - while supply last  





*New items*

Elderberry jelly in pint and 1/2 pint

Orange marmalade

Strawberry poppyseed dressing

Strawberry shortcake bake mix


Allan's homemade Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 


Eggs (chicken and duck)

Seasoned fire-wood bundles

Seasoned kindling bundles


Homemade Cloth Masks $7


Hearty chicken soup, other fresh soups – varies each week


Apple Cakes are available also by the slice $3, 1/4 cake $10, 1/2 cake $15, or whole cake $25.


Dried Apples               5



(Please note: if you want to preorder by the pound, one large or two small apples/sweet potatoes = approx one pound.)








Garlic Scapes

Green Beans (Strikes & Roma 2s)

Green Bell peppers

Red Bell Peppers


Spring Onions

Red Onions

Sweet Onions

Red Candy Onions

Red Potatoes

White Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes


Cherry Tomatoes

Yellow Squash





Pink Lady Apples

Cherries (Rainier and Black Heart)


Non-homogenized milk from happy cows!

Whole milk (Plain)

Gallon $7

Half-gallon $4.50

2% (1/2 gallon)

Skim (1/2 gallon)

Heavy cream

Chocolate Milk

Half Gallon $5

Pint $3


Heavy Cream $5


Butter – 1 lb tub $9 (salted and unsalted)

Canned Fruit  

Old Fashioned Peaches           12

Spiced Peaches                       12

Vanilla Peaches                       12

Old Fashioned Pears               12



Fruit Butters

Apple Butter                           7                     

NSA Apple Butter                    7                     

Honeycrisp Apple Butter        8                     

Homemade Apple Butter        10                   

Cherry Butter                          7                     

Peach Butter                           7                     

Pear Butter                             8                                 

Pumpkin Butter                       7                                    

Grape Jelly                              7

Blackberry Pres.                      8                                 

Damson Plum Jam                  8                                                         

Sdls Red Raspberry Pres         8                     

Strawberry Pres.                     7                     

Strawberry Rhubarb Pres.      8



Peach Salsa                             8                     

Peach Habanero Salsa            8                                 

Green Tomatillo Salsa             8                     

Medium Summer Salsa           7                                 

Mild Summer Salsa                 7                     

Hot Summer Salsa                  7


Pickled Products                    

Sweet Garlic Dill Pickles          7                                 

Bread & Butter Pickles            7                     

Baby Dill Pickles                      7                                 

Hot Baby Dill Pickles               7                                 

Bread & Butter Squash           8                     

Mild Okra                                8                     

Hot Okra                                 8                     

Pickled Garlic                          8                     

Pickled Asparagus                   9                     

Dilly Beans                              8                     

Hot Dilly Beans                        8                                 

Beets-pint                               8                                 

Beets-Quart                            12

Sweet Pepper Relish               7                     

Hot Pepper Relish                   7                                 

Corn Relish                              7                     

Jalp. Corn Relish                      7         



Apple Butter BBQ                   7                     

Peach BBQ                              7


Apple Sauce               

Ever Crisp Apple Sauce-QT     12

Ever Crisp Apple Sauce-Pt       8



VO Peach Hot Sauce               7         

 Awesome Sauce                     7         

 Cinn. Apple Syrup                  7


½ Pints

Apple Butter                           5         

NSA Apple Butter                    5         

Blackberry Butter                    6         

Blueberry Butter                     5

Apple Pie Pres.                        5                     

Blueberry Pres.                       5         

Blackberry Pres.                      5                     

Cherry Pres.                            5         

Peach Pres.                            5                                 

Sdls Red Raspberry Pres.        6.50                

Strawberry Pres                      5

JS Strawberry Pres.                 6

JS Sdls Raspberry Pres.           6.50                

JS Cherry Pres.                        6

 JS Blueberry Pres.                  6         

 JS Blackberry Jelly                  6         

Green Pepper Jelly                  5         

Jalepeno Pepper Jelly             5         

 Red Pepper Jelly                     5


Fresh Cider

Gallon                                      11

½ Gallon                                  7

Pint                                          3.50


Glass Jar Cider

Apple Cider                             9         

Blackberry Cider                     9         

Blueberry Cider                       9         

Cherry Cider                            9         

Muscadine Cider                     9                     

Peach Cider                             9         

Raspberry Cider                      9



1lb Clover                                12       

1lb Wild Rose                          12       

 1lb Summer Thistle                12       

 1lb Wildflower                       12                   

 Shaker Summer Thistle          5                     

 Shaker Clover                         5         

 Shaker Wildflower                 5                     

 Comb                                      20                    .


MEAT  (from Clark’s Old Peach Tree Farm)                        Chicken – limited quantity whole chickens

Pork Chops (boneless, bone-in, and porterhouse



Ground Beef

Ground Beef Patties

Ground Chuck

Beef Brats

Cube Steak

Beef Short Ribs


1 Sirloin Tip Roast                     

Top Round Roast                   


Local spirits – Bourbons and more

Liquors – Hibiscus, Coffee, Limoncello…


Drink mixes – margarita, whiskey sour, more

Hand Sanitizer (glass bottle – 4 oz) $5

For pre-orders click HERE

For questions,

email Jane at 

The Brookmont Village Green

Intersection of Maryland Avenue and Broad Street

Bethesda, MD (Just off MacArthur Blvd)